Hello! My name is Molly Lightfield and I am the founder of Fit Neighbors. I am a registered nurse, group fitness instructor, wife and mother of two crazy kiddos. I went through my own weight loss and fitness journey and am eager to share what I did to finally succeed.


Some of my story:

I struggled with my weight on and off from a the age of 10. I remember being told by classmates and family members that I needed to do something about my overly large belly at 10 years old! I found fitness after high school and decided to become a fitness instructor. I was successful in the workout portions but then discovered that ice cream tasted very good after teaching a class! That lead to my sweet treat addiction that I still work on to this day. After having my kids I was at my heaviest, 220 lbs. I was in nursing school and decided that I needed to be the example that I wanted my patients to follow. I began running and teaching more classes. I dropped 30 pounds easily then hit a plateau. I discovered Beachbody and the challenge groups. I decided to take the leap to become a coach and live their 3 vital behaviors: workout daily, drink Shakeology and do 10 minutes of self development daily. It has literally changed my life and my living habits. I now strive to keep my family and environment healthy by choosing organic when ever possible, making my own cleaning products and educating myself about health and our world. I work with people on an individual basis to help them achieve their ultimate health. I would love to be a part of your journey!


I hold a Bachelors degree in Nursing from Boise State University. I have proudly completed the Wellcoaches school of Health & Wellness training and am currently working on completing a functional Medicine certification through the Function Medicine University. I look forward to putting my training to use helping you achieve your goals!