My job as a nurse at a busy urgent care has shed a bright light on one big problem many people have, a lack of basic medical information.  This is a BIG deal for your health and the health of your family.  I think that many people  have taken western medicine at our finger tips for granted.  Yes, it is true that we can visit our doctors, urgent cares and emergency rooms whenever we need to but WHEN do we really need too?


Knowing basic health information could save your life, or at the very least save you some money. By knowing when to visit a provider and when you can treat yourself can improve your health and save a doctor’s visit.

When I mention basic health information I am referring to medical issues such as basic first aid, cold and flu symptoms, sleep problems, bladder and bowel issues and then the big stuff such as chest pain and breathing problems. Knowing the basics of these problems as well as how to treat them will give you an idea of when you need to be seen.


So the big question is how? How do you learn all of this basic information?  Well, you could compile a list of topics and do your own research. You could ask some medically inclined friends and family.  OR….you could follow me! Okay, maybe not me specifically (although I hope you do!), but some medical blogs and podcasts are a great way to get some great information.


The point to putting this blog out there is to empower you and anyone you know to do research and help yourself when you can.  Knowing when to seek medical attention and when to treat yourself will always be in style and can be invaluable    (What about when the zombie apocalypse hits?). Where to find that information may be hard and hey, who has the time?


So take a minute to think about what this knowledge could do for you and then add yourself to my list so you can get this information in your email!

Stay tuned for a new topic weekly with some great information you will WANT to know!


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