Molly RunningPatience with myself. That is what I have came to realize recently. I have been battling a balance in my body recently that has left me with weight gain, mood swings and frustration. This has taken its toll on my sanity.

I have been under the care of a functional medicine doctor for the last few months. I decided to see her because I have had life long stomach issues along with some recent “little” problems like back acne, not sleeping well, some new digestive issues along with being stuck 15 pounds overweight. Keeping all those problems in mind I was running 15 miles a week, doing an at home workout program daily and teaching group fitness classes.

After visiting with her and having some testing done it all became clear. I was low on iron and magnesium, hypothyroid, had leaky gut syndrome and my nutrient absorption was out of whack. As if this was not enough I was also not digesting fats which was causing some uh…unpleasant problems with digestion. Wow! All of that was a little overwhelming to say the least. I had some work to do and with some supplements I was hopeful that everything would balance out.

I was put on supplements to help all of this balance out. Not just a few but over 9 a day. The great thing about functional medicine is that they try not to use prescription drugs but use supplements instead. Not many side effects with supplements if you really need them!
I immediately started feeling better and thought everything was on the up swing but then I realized I was slowly gaining weight. I upped my cardio but it was still creeping on me. One of the supplements I was put on was a natural hormone. Knowing this I contacted my doctor (after three months and 12 pounds gained), who suggested that we do a cortisol test to see where my levels were. To no surprise my levels were pretty high which suggested that I needed a different hormone replacement and another supplement to calm the cortisol.

Here is where I really noticed a difference…I can sleep. I know, as a nurse I know how important sleep is and I was already doing a lot to help myself ,like going to bed at a decent hour and making an evening routine. I thought I was sleeping okay but never felt rested and I would wake up a few times a night. Now I actually go to sleep and wake up rested! This took two days on the new hormone and supplements. I am astonished.

I am still only one week into the new supplements but am very hopeful that I am really on the up swing now. I write this for those who have been or are frustrated with their bodies and working with no results. There is usually a reason, you just have to work with the right people to find it. Some may argue that if you do enough testing you will find something wrong but I don’t see it that way. If you are having the tests done then there is already something wrong. Listen to yourself and know that YOU know your body best. You can tell when you are not feeling your best. Just getting by day to day is not the way!

Please feel free to share this post. You may help someone who is silently suffering.